About Me

I’m a work-at-home, stay-at-home, business owner mom and wife in a multilingual and international marriage and family. Five years ago, shortly after we started a family, my husband and I decided to leave our 14-hour work days and completely revamp our lives. This involved quitting our jobs, starting a business, and relocating from Japan to the States. (I was an American expat.) We’re grateful to our son for spurring us to think seriously about what we wanted out of life. If it weren’t for him, we might still be in Tokyo right now, eyes glazed in front of the computer, bellies hanging from too many convenience-store dinners. Instead we’re in a beautiful southeastern town in the States, surrounded by trees, eyes still glazed in front of our computers and bellies hanging from suburban life. Life’s alot better.  

So, for nearly two decades now I’ve been trying to carve and live out my own definition of success. “Hoop Dreams” refers to my (women’s) college graduation tradition of racing and hoop rolling to the crown of success — defined in past generations as marriage, then (in my generation) as career, and now simply as whatever and however you define it.


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